Virginia Beach Lawn Care

Virginia Beach Lawn Care

Freedom for your lawn

Your lawn care maintenance is similar to taking care of your body. In order for your lawn to be healthy it must be cared for and it must be equipped with certain necessities. That is why here at Freedom Lawn care Services we make sure your turf is maintained and nourished for a fuller, greener more healthy lawn.

Services we provide

  • Mow, edge, blow
  • Trim all types of shrubs
  • Mulch installation
  • Topsoil, compost, all types of rock gravel etc.
  • Landscape design and installation
  • Sod, any type
  • Fertilization and seeding
  • Core aeration
  • Small tree work
  • Clean ups of all shapes and sizes
  • Commercial weed spraying
  • Planting- shrubs, trees, flowers
  • Leaf maintenance


We Provide: 

  • Regular Lawn service
  • Weed and Feed
  • Overall Maintenence

Providing your lawn with a regular maintenance program ensures and promotes the full potential of its health and growth.

Fertilizing and feeding your lawn on a monthly basis will help eliminate any unwanted weeks and promote turf growth and good soil composition

Keeping your lawn healthy and in good shape requires constant care and attention. Enrolling into a regular maintenance program will ensure that your lawn will reach it’s full potential and you will reap the benefits with a beautiful property that will be sought after by many.